Memories... Are like keys.. They open doors  And trip up floors  where good & bad coalesce.. Then evanesce.  They take you on stairways to heaven. Or train rides thru dark places  With strange and familiar faces;  Like riding on a mile high wave  So High!  You've got to be brave!  Or crazy! Brought on by … Continue reading Memories

 Don’t Be Petty.

If you hate pettiness in whatever shape or form, then never you be petty, in any shape or form.  Even when it lets someone you despise rise. Even when you think you deserve an apology. Holding anyone or anything back is never productive, never positive. Put pettiness away!  Let's make the high road our byroad!

10 Things You Love (and Rue) About Replacement

1)  Someone's getting hired! 2)  Someone's getting fired! 3)   Your new heart/kidney/lung is ready. 4)   But you'll have to take it slow for the rest of your short life. 5)  We can give you another camera.  6)  But the pictures are gone forever! 7)  Fortunately, dental plate work has advanced leaps & bounds … Continue reading 10 Things You Love (and Rue) About Replacement

Of Accountability, Discipline and Exemplary Leadership

For the quality of everyday Jamaicans' lives to improve, we must improve on our discipline. While much of the tenets of discipline are self-taught and a few others innate, most, and quite often the most important, are learnt by example. These examples are generally from our "first touch" experiences; our parents, our teachers, our elders … Continue reading Of Accountability, Discipline and Exemplary Leadership