What We Learned This Week In Jamaica

Feb 12-19 1) The Justice system ground to a halt on Monday as Judges island wide convened at the Supreme Court to discuss the way forward re the "acting" appointment of Justice Bryan Sykes, basically holding the country hostage. Shame on both the PM & the Judges! You serve the People, not vice versa. 2) … Continue reading What We Learned This Week In Jamaica



opinion əˈpɪnjən/ noun 1. a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. "that, in my opinion, is right": Synonyms: belief, judgement,  thought(s),school of thought, thinking, way of thinking, mind, point of view,view, viewpoint, outlook, angle,slant, side, attitude, stance,perspective, position, standpoint. 2. a statement of advice by an expert on … Continue reading OPINION

For Want Of A Gun

In a society driven to fear by rampant crime, the desire to protect one's self & property is high on almost everyone's list of priorities.  People are applying for guns in droves.  The ensuing minefield of red tape one has to negotiate to attain the standard required to present oneself as an upstanding citizen can, … Continue reading For Want Of A Gun