For Want Of A Gun

In a society driven to fear by rampant crime, the desire to protect one's self & property is high on almost everyone's list of priorities.  People are applying for guns in droves.  The ensuing minefield of red tape one has to negotiate to attain the standard required to present oneself as an upstanding citizen can, … Continue reading For Want Of A Gun

The (Infinitesimally Boring) Challenge of Writing an Article on Infinity (or The Top 10 Things With Infinite Potential)

1) Music - Whilst musical notes, lyrics and genres are FINITE, the variations of emotional expressions across all fields are INFINITE, especially when dealing with man's love of the fairer sex (or the love of the SEX itself), or the reality-driven Folk, Country, Culture and Socio-Political Artistes with their myriad words of advice ranging from general life hacks to downright revolution. So even if it is quantized today, there'll be another record released tomorrow and another future Artiste born tomorrow and so on and so forth.