What We Learned This Week In Jamaica

January 28 – February 4

1) The ups, and downs, of Social Media behavior and the resultant clash with cyber crime laws were front and center this week with 4 interesting cases.
A man was arrested and charged for posting nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, and was subsequently given bail as he’s the sole provider for his daughter (smh).
Tambourine Army co-founder Latoya Nugent was ordered to pay JMD$16 mn to former Monravian minister Dr Canute Thompson for posting on Whatsapp that Mr Thompson regularly had sex with underage girls, a charge which she failed to present a defense for.
Talk show host & lawyer Emily Shields is being sued for defamation by fellow lawyer Vaughn Bignall after posting on Twitter that Bignall was an ambulance chaser, unethical and a blight on the profession.
A viral video purporting to show Elephant Man retrieving a firearm from a female spurred the interest of the FLA & then the police, with both later backing down after the entertainer’s lawyers showed the video may have been spliced together to scandal the entertainer.
Stop spreading rumors, stop posting rumors, and verify your facts before posting.
2) Jamaica slipped 2 places on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, falling to 70 from 68, just days after corruption watchdog NIA cited studies showing that our economy would be between 3 to 10 times the size it is currently if corruption and crime were brought under control.
Transparency International says the PetroJam scandal factored into the demotion.
Who’d a thunk it?
3) Speaking of PetroJam, the entity wishes to do an in-house audit of the $5.2 billion worth of oil that it cannot account for between 2013 & 2018.
Fortunately, good sense prevailed at the PAAC meeting where members from both parties agreed that a full forensic audit into the entity should be done, and done by an outside authority not connected to the company.
Not even the police can police the police, right?
4) The PDVSA, Venezuela’s oil company, has been hit with further sanctions by the Trump administration.
All its US assets will remain frozen to “prevent the further diversion of the Venezuelan people’s funds” by the Maduro regime until a new government is in place.
The PDVSA’s American subsidiary CitGo can continue to operate as long as they deposit all money’s earned into a blocked account.
All this from the country that is accusing Russia for interfering in their electoral affairs, by the president that they claim was put there by said Russian interference.
Confusing, nuh true?
5) Murder!
51 yo “Yvette” Raffington, whose throat was slashed by one of two attackers at her home in Zion Hill, Portland, in the presence of her young son, who had a gun to his head during the assault.
53 yo “Brado” Bryan, chased and shot in the head with an M16, in August Town.
Attorney “Baldie” Hines, missing since January 5th, found in a sinkhole on his Orange Hill farm, located on the border of St James and Trelawny.
A Haile Selassie High 3rd Former, stabbed to death by another student at the school gate.
25 yo “Cutthroat” Bennett of Tawes Pen, St Catherine, found shot to death at a Church St intersection of Spanish Town.
45 yo “Marlon” Smith, killed by gunmen with hi-powered weapons while sitting in his vehicle at a Shortwood Rd intersection.
31 yo “Warrior” Clarke of Bluefields, Westmoreland, killed by a lone gunman who invaded his home and shot him several times in the presence of his common-law wife.
“Kartel”, shot and killed by men dressed as police who kicked in his door in Salt Spring, MoBay. Another man shot in the incident is in serious condition at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.
Dr Lynvale Bloomfield, PNP MP for Eastern Portland, found stabbed to death in his Paisley Gardens home. I guess thanks are in order for not shooting the boy and the common law wife, don’t?
6) A dispute between a father and his son in Inverness, Clarendon, ended with the boy firing a round from his handmade pistol at the father, who took evasive action and called the police.
Police arrived and found 3 live 9mm rounds in the boy’s room, and subsequently found him in the district where another live round and the weapon was taken from him.
He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammo and shooting with intent.
Teng Gawd eeh can mekky, but eeh can’t fire e!
7) Mavado’s son is to face the court on murder charges on the 20th of February.
He is charged jointly with Andre Hines for murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and arson in relation to the death of “Trullups” Thomas.
Witness statements says the teen gave Hines the order to behead the body of Thomas because “the boss want him head”.
The entertainer fled the island after the police tagged him as a person of interest last year.
Da case ya look sticky bad!

QuikNotes Local
a] Arlene McBean ouster as head of Police Federation mired in controversy.
b] Parliamentary Buildings design competition finals launched at National Gallery.
c] Churches come out against abortion, buggery law repeal, in March to Parliament.
d] Reggae Month kicks off with Dennis Brown Day; Minister Grange urges Jamaicans to participate in roster of activities.
e] Parliamentarians, Cornwallians express shock, outrage, at killing of East Portland MP Lynvale Bloomfield.

QuikNotes International
a] Groundhog Day!
Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring.
b] Russia, US to withdraw from Nuclear Arms Control Treaty.
c] Consumer Groups, Tech Companies and some states take FCC to court over net-neutrality.
d] 96 day church service to protect immigrants ends as Dutch parliament changes policy.
e] Juan Guiadó accuses Maduro of sending police to raid his home.
f] Polar vortex “ups” the freeze across Canada, Alaska and US great plains and Midwest.

Feel Free to add Your News in the Comments, and, til next Week,
Safe Travel Pon Di Gravel!


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