What We Learned This Week In Jamaica

January 21-28

1) Murder!
Lloyd Johnson, Security Specialist, shot to death along Barnett St, MoBay, in a botched robbery attempt.
2 of a group of 5 men shot in broad daylight by 4 men with hi-powered weapons at Olympic Gardens in Kingston. The gunmen then later fired on 2 policemen in an unmarked car, injuring 1.
A man stabbed to death during an altercation with a group of men in Warsop, Trelawny.
A man and a woman of Shelter Rock, St Catherine, found after residents heard gunshots and called the police.
A man from Farm district, found dead on the road in his community after residents reported gunshots in the area; a man watching Humble Lions’ morning training session in Effortville; a man and a woman found with multiple gunshot wounds in the Mineral Heights Housing Scheme, all 4 in Clarendon within a 22 hour span from Wednesday night to Thursday evening.
2) As fate would have it, while the PNP was lambasting the Government about undercutting the Venezuelan government on its shares of PetroCaribe, one of their own is being paid to secure the sale of those said shares.
Paul Burke, former Gen Sec of the party says he’ll be paid up to US$1million to successfully get those shares for an undisclosed buyer.
Isn’t that akin to insider trading?
Du maasa; Venezuela, oonu hurry up sort out oonuself and kung control oonu shares fraah dehn sickeningly greedy politician ya weh wi have a Jamaica yaa!
3) Speaking of Venezuela, it seems the Donald has been holding secret talks with members of the Venezuelan congress and military for almost a year with an aim to usurp power from the Maduro regime. Where there is oil, there will always be American interference.
4) The police have arrested 2 men for bomb threats carried out against the Supreme Court in Kingston and the Trelawny Parish Court in Duncan’s.
A businessman from Clark’s Town and a district constable from Kingston have been charged with creating public mischief, to delay cases against them in their jurisdictions.
A concession of guilt, perhaps?
5) Several employees of Dunn’s River Falls have been fired, or transferred pending investigations after a damning audit of the entity was released.
Good move, UDC, but it would behoove you to make public all aspects of the report, for the sake of transparency.
Enquiring minds want to know!
6) A cop is thanking his lucky stars after being shot at by gunmen who had followed him from a bank in St Catherine where he had just withdrawn a large sum of money.
The cop managed to escape with minor injuries after being fired upon by an M16 & 2 handguns, and was only robbed of miscellaneous items from his car after taking evasive action.
Hopefully he identified the robbers with his trained eyes and they’re on the police’s radar.
7) Police in Manchester say the Grey Ground gang has issued several threats to harm persons and institutions unnamed if their leader isn’t released from custody.
Well well well.
Di badda man wi talk!
8 ) Notorious death squad member Chucky Brown has been handed a life sentence, with parole eligibility after 51 years, by Justice Vivienne Harris, who scolded the disgraced cop for bringing the JCF into disrepute with his behaviour.
Sadly, he might be the only one of the cops found guilty, done in by his confession, and saving other cops by his recanting of said confession.
Chucky nuh lucky, or smart, at all.
9) There was a blitz of death on the Trelawny roads this week as 5 persons lost their lives in crashes between Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning.
2 men lost control of their vehicle on the Spring Hill Road and ran into the back of a parked truck in the first incident.
On Friday, a biker died after colliding with a car in Falmouth, and in Saturday morning 2 men of 5 travelling from Daniel Town to Falmouth crashed into a JDF vehicle and died from their injuries.
Why is everyone in such a rush?
10) The World’s largest business to business expo for the region, the Caribbean Travel Marketplace, is set to kickoff on Tuesday at the MoBay Convention Center.
A showcase for buyers and sellers in the travel industry, the expo will also seek to incorporate the small and medium hotel sector in its current & future activities.
Go meet, greet and heat-seek to advance your business or tourism products this week.

QuikNotes Local
a] PNP names 4 candidates for St James and 1 for Hanover Eastern in “Operation Take Back The West”.
b] 2 more Spanish hotels, 3000 rooms, coming to Jamaica.
c] Kingston man arrested for posting nude picture of ex girlfriend on Instagram.
d] Maxfield Avenue erupts as residents protest police killing of 16 yo teen.
e] Government borrows $2bn from IDB to develop “high skilled” workers.

QuikNotes International
a] Brazilian mining company dam collapses, claims 58 lives so far with mudslides.
b] Naomi Osaka beats Petra Kvitova 7-6(2), 5-7, 6-4 to win Australian Open and 2nd straight Grand Slam.
c] Novak Djokovic beats Rafa Nadal 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 to claim Australian Open men’s crown.
d] US Government shutdown ends, for now, as Trump backs down.
e] St Louis policewoman dies after game of Russian Roulette with coworkers.
f] Russia backs Maduro, along with Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia and Iran. China and Spain remain neutral.

Feel Free to add Your News in the Comments, and, til next Week,
Safe Travel Pon Di Gravel!


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