What We Learned This Week In Jamaica

December 24-31

1) When it’s not your time, it’s just not your time.
2 fishermen, who fell asleep setting their nets in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, were carried to sea by currents and, after engine failure, drifted for 20 days before being rescued by a Royal Caribbean cruise liner.
The Empress of the Seas, originally destined for Cienfuegos, Cuba, had changed course to Jamaica because of a storm system on the planned route, and sighted the men at a point between Cayman and Ocho Rios, some 700 miles from where their ordeal began.
The men had been rationing the little supplies they had, but had run out of water for over a week, and one was even too weak to walk.
Thank their lucky stars!
2) The road carnage continued unabated as THIRTEEN died on the road this week.
The star performances, in fiery fashion on Christmas morning, were the drivers of 2 cars racing along the Kirkvine to Williamsfield roadway, losing control and slamming into buildings on opposite sides of the road, bursting into flames and obliterating the structures.
One man died as a result of the crash, and 2 families are now homeless, and businessless, because of the racers’ carelessness.
Most notable of the rest:
A rider on the Dunbeholden road riding helmetless and documentless, killed after “dallying” into the path of a van;
A security guard riding into the back of a parked truck, and a taxi man falling off a bridge in Yallahs,
3) The Mandeville town center was the scene of chaos on Christmas Eve as gunmen walked up to, and shot, a vendor in the market, in broad daylight.
Amidst the panic that ensued, alert policemen nabbed 2 of the shooters as frantic shoppers scampered in all directions in fear for their lives.
Excellent work by the officers, excellent work!
4) WWLTW would like to congratulate the 280 men & women of the JCF who were promoted this week, and challenge you to perform your duties to the best of your abilities, with impartiality, and with the respect and responsibility your positions require.
Again, all the best moving forward!
5) The single-use plastic ban is a go, and, ready or not, the New Year will see persons punished for not adhering to the ban.
Several persons interviewed didn’t know which items were banned, which could be used a little longer, or even the punishments to be handed down for violators.
The big supermarkets and stores seem ready, but the “chiney” & corner shops aren’t.
The Government says a special task force has been set up to oversee the transition (not a joke);
“Put down the plastic and step away from the counter!”(joke)
A wa mi a guh put mi garbage ina pardy? (Serious t’ing!)
6) SOE or not, murderers are still wreaking havoc across the nation.
A double murder in Cold Spring, Hanover, on Boxing Day, left a family without an uncle and a nephew.
The drunken nephew was at a bar in the post-Xmas hours ranting about what should happen to men who “shot up” his uncle’s shop earlier in the year. His uncle was summoned to come take him home and, when he did, both men were ambushed by gunmen on their way home. 2 persons of interest have since turned themselves in to the police.
A Westmoreland businessman was ambushed in his yard on Christmas Eve after closing his business and returning home. He was robbed of his licenced firearm and an undetermined sum of cash.
A young St Mary man was stabbed to death in front of scores of eyewitnesses on Christmas morning in Ocho Rios, after fleeing from a gang with which he had a confrontation in the popular Mother’s Party establishment.
6 persons were shot, 2 fatally, at a shop in Canaan Heights, Clarendon on Friday night.
One of the 2 men, “Buju” Bent, who witnessed his brother’s murder earlier in the year, is said to have been the target of the gunmen.
Cops were swift in picking up a suspect, a man who was previously charged for Bent’s brother’s murder, and who had just been given bail prior to the Christmas holiday. How come Clarendon hasn’t been considered for an SOE?
On Saturday night, in the ultra-busy Papine Square, a 22 y o dancer was shot and killed by men who chased him through the park before murdering him.
These murderers don’t even bother to hide and commit these atrocities anymore.
7) A wedding reception at the Glistening Waters hotel became a scene from the Wild, Wild West as a disc jock and the owner’s son traded gunshots over, of all things, the volume of the music being played.
At some point, the owner asked a staff member to tell the DJ to turn the music down, to no avail. Shortly after she went herself and was told “yu mek your money already, ‘low mi mek mi mek mine!”
An argument ensued and the DJ “chucked” her, at which point her son stepped in, pushing the DJ who fell over a flowerpot.
The DJ rose, “popped off” his gun, and shot the son in the neck. On going down, the son also “popped off” and “beat” several rounds to the DJ’s upper body.
Both men were rushed to the Falmouth Hospital where the DJ was pronounced dead and the son was admitted in serious but stable condition.
It is not only the poor who lack reasoning ability, it is a nationwide problem.
Suh di head, suh di body!
A night the married couple, and all invitees, will not forget for the rest of their lives.
8 ) The odd case of a student who “chipped a badwud” in front of a teacher at a Westmoreland high school in early November and has been denied access to classes since then has finally caught the eye of MoE Ruel Reid.
The mother, at her wit’s end after several trips to the Ministry’s western offices, where officials failed to impress upon the Principal the wrongs of his ways, and having then taken her grouse to the media, will finally know her child’s fate.
Whether stamping your authority or impressing the teacher, your style is heavy-handed, and illegal, Mr Principal.
You will now wear the “dunce’s hat” for the remainder of the school year.

QuikNotes Local
a] Ill-equipped boat capsizes on way to Lime Cay party, killing 2.
b] UDC says fireworks show on for downtown Kingston, Ocho Rios today, New Year’s Eve.
c] Water woes continue for Kingstonians as NWC plans $1.5 bn pipe overhaul along Mandela Highway.
d] Jamaicans scoff at Prime Minister’s “Safe Christmas” message.
e] Woman stabs husband to death for beating child in Portland.
f] Illegal Jamaican teen charged for drive-by murder in Connecticut.

QuikNotes International
a] Violence erupts in Bangladesh over alleged voter fraud as incumbent Hassan wins.
b] US Government shutdown drags into new year.
c] Brazil Government okays use of snipers in favelas, Rio De Janeiro ghettoes.
Awwd] Chinese hackers target US companies for latest in hi-tech innovations.
e] Oldest WW 2 veteran, Richard Overton, a black man, dies at age 112.
f] New York officials say no evidence of alien activity as the city bathed in blue lights; electrical arc the source, says Con Ed.

Feel Free to add Your News in the Comments, and, till next Year,
Safe Travel Pon Di Gravel!

WWLTW wishes all its Readers a Happy, Prosperous and Productive New Year!


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