What We Learned This Week In Jamaica March 5 – 12

1) A RJR/Don Anderson poll on national issues such as performance of government and opposition, economy performance, ZOSO and SOPE performance and the country’s opinion on the appointment of the Chief Justice proved that the majority of the population still has no faith in the political machinery.
The PNP fared the worse, prompting pundits to profess they seemed woefully out of touch with needs & views not only of the wider population, by more so within their own party.
The PM fared better than his party, with the Minister cited as doing the best job being MoH Tufton, and the worst being MoNS Montague.
A quirk in the polls had some MPs & Senators being in the best and worst performance lists, examples being Audley Shaw and Desmond McKenzie, and Damion Crawford and Lisa Hanna.
Wonder what the results would have been post-budget reading?
2) The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson’s visit to Danang, Vietnam, marked the first time such a vessel has docked in Vietnam since the end of the war between the two countries in 1975.
Both countries have been in dialogue since 1995, but the relationship has been growing exponentially since the US supported the lifting of the arms embargo against Vietnam in 2016.
The two share a common concern, the actions of China in the region, with its laying claim to all the outlying islands in the South China Sea.
Can you say “the enemy of my enemy”?
3) Jamaica has a new Police Commissioner.
Major General Anthony Anderson is to take up the mantle on March 19th, and will be the 3rd JDF man to hold the post, following Colonel Trevor McMillan and Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin.
Mr. Anderson is currently the key National Security Advisor to the PM, the first to hold this position, where he was in charge of external and internal security, intelligence & defence matters.
According to the Police Services Commission, his mandate is to enhance public security services, improve public order, reduce corruption, and improve management and accountability within the JCF.
Good Luck with that!
4) Dr. Nigel Clarke won the St. Andrew Northwestern by-election handily defeating the PNP’s Keisha Hayles by over 1600 votes.
Only 24% of registered voters turned out.
In the Norman Gardens Local Govt by-election, the PNP’s Jacqueline Lewis defeated the JLP’s Headley Wilson, garnering over 93% if the votes.
Only 16% of registered voters turned out there.
Mmmm…how can we benefit from the non-action of registered voters?
5) The Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) named Jamaica the “Number One Destination for Adventure Tourism”, and MoT Edmund Bartlett “Worldwide Tourism Minister” of the year 2017.
Congratulations to the Minister on the award, and big up JAH for making Jamaica so nice!
Now, Missa Bartlett, mek we wuk pon keeping the tourism money a JamRock, seen!
6) Aaah Bwoy!
Cornwall Regional Hospital, again.
Do we not have the “Seal & Clean” technology here in Jamaica to rid the place of this mystery odor?
Or is it sabotage?
7) Hold the Presses!
MoF says; “NO NEW TAXES!”
Opposition says; “GIVE PEOPLE TAX BREAK!”
Population says to MoF; “THANKS!”
Population says to Opposition; “MEMBA DAT WHEN YU INA POWER!”
8) 51 year old Desrine Morris died in police custody after being arrested at her home at 11am, supposedly to be taken in front of a Judge.
Cops say say she committed suicide after 5pm at the Half Way Tree lockup.
They also refused to let relatives identity or see the body, neither at the lockup or Tranquillity Funeral Home.
JFJ is asking for a probe into the matter.
Shades of Mario Deane…
9) The Donald’s woes continued this week, with Stormy Daniels’ attorneys finding a way around the gag order and providing a link to the Donald & the hush money given her.
Also, even his allies don’t defend his steel & aluminium tariffs, and his oil buddies are mad as if t seems he promised to do for them as well.
Not all news was bad for him though.
Putin thinks he’s doing a great job, and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in has finagled North Korea’s Kim Jong-un into meeting him.
He lives to fight another week…
10) The rains returned with a vengeance to MoBay on Friday, flooding the entire city again, causing severe gridlock and leaving Montegonians to walk home to all suburbs.
Country taxis parked as far as Bogue, Irwin Road and Airport to ferry folks home, and the indiscipline of the 2nd city drivers made bad situation into a living nightmare.
Promise-man Andrew, weddy bypass?
Nuh you seh “no more flood fi Bay”?
And the beat goes on…
11)Twas a deadly week on the Montegonian roads, as 4 males lost their lives in 2 separate crashes.
In the first, 2 Honda Civics chose the “Elegant Corridor” as their racetrack, one hitting a post and careening across the median into a Minivan, killing himself & his passenger and seriously injuring the Van driver.
The second incident took place at the Airport roundabout, where speeding and debris from the previous day’s heavy rainfall resulted in the 2 other deaths, rewording our world-famous welcome sign to
12 ) Teachers are threatening strike action in response to MoF Shaw’s claim Government cannot afford to give them better pay.
Billion dollar bushing; 500 million dollar SE St. Mary; 300 million dollar NW St. Andrew by-elections;
A wanda weddy teacher dem t’ink oonu go getty money fram?
13) From the “stating the obvious” files:
CAFFE says Pols should do more to attack low voter turnout;
Gender Affairs Minister Grange says more women needed in Science, Technology & Engineering fields;
Economist Chung says economy will benefit from “no new taxes”;
Pundit Chang says Phillips, PNP out if touch with Jamaicans (he also said that about Portia in 2016).

Feel free to post your News in the Comments, and, til next week,
Safe Travel Pon Di Gravel!


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