A Day In The Life

You awaken, totally refreshed. Any dream you had, you remember distinctly, and you fully comprehend the context of its delivery. Your daily to-do list is at the forefront of your memory, and you arrange them in the perfect order of execution. 

Your clarity of thought, at first astounding, is gradually deemed second nature by an inner sense so attuned to the day, you switch to autopilot as you realize you’re going to have one of those days when, if your focus is retained throughout, nothing can go wrong. All your senses are operating on a higher level, razor sharp. 

You’re on a roll. 

Things you’ve put on the back burner because of stagnancy and burnout suddenly seem like child’s play. You know who to call, what advice to give, who needs a touch of positivity, a ray of your sunshine. Your proverbial ‘plate’ is cleaned in such short order you start to tackle your city’s and your country’s problems (as you perceive them to be) with such flair that neither Oprah or Janet Sinclair have anything over you. 

Things are mushrooming.

The only problem with days like this is the speed with which it ends. The sun shone brighter, the scents were more nuanced, you heard new instruments and melodies in songs you’ve known for years, your taste buds detected every herb, spice and  flavor presented to them at every meal and snack you ate. 

Ever had one of those days when everything went right? 

Damn, I forgot to play the Lotto!


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