Let’s Work Out! A Poem for Sonya

Oh! To master the process! Still, we do our best. Til we find that from deed to mind our bodies' reactions can be unkind... downright mean, most times. Still, be of cheer; you did your best, didn't you?  (Even if said best turned many heads to laughing, the support of cause worthy has been achieved, … Continue reading Let’s Work Out! A Poem for Sonya


No Time For Negativity

I have NO time to hate, under-rate or denigrate, as these concatenate to create a reprobate:  A Love I a deal wid, Positively. Positivity me say.  So, if & when you are negative and you see me go neutral, a wait I a wait for you to come positive. But I naa go wait too … Continue reading No Time For Negativity