Life is a constant struggle. It shouldn’t be. At least, it shouldn’t be perceived as such. The situations seen as struggles might just be the opportunities you’ve been seeking.
Look beyond your current situation to see what’s really being presented to you.
Reason with your higher self, and with The Highest One.
There may or may not be persons who can help you, but YOU are the constant in the equation so YOU have the most work to do as YOU will be the one to benefit.
Prayer plays a powerful part in understanding and overcoming any setting posed.
Speaking to The Almighty even in small sentences is still a prayer. No need to get on your knees, no need for long-winded speeches. Request, acknowledge, accept & give thanks.
Worrying neither cures nor corrects anything. It only hinders the ability to think lucidly and decisively thereby handicapping our capacity for positive resolution.
There is nothing positive in worry.
Start teaching yourself this. I’m not saying this will be easy, but it must be done. It can be done. It has been done by many.
Get positive. Be positive. Remain positive. This way, you’ll THINK positive and DO positive.
Let’s go face this “struggle” positively.


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