I come as night,
Bringing your darkest horrors..
Like smoke,
Engulfing every cavity of every corner of your mind..
Slowly seeping into your Brain,
Latching onto your every thought like a parasite;
Invigorated by the quickening of your terrified heart;
Riding on impulses sent to every neuron of your body;
Squeezing to a stranglehold your every organ;
Licking at each attempted breath you expire,
Conducting your destruction as would a Maestro;
Relishing in the total surrender of your being,
Cajoling the tears welled up in your eyes to spring free, to join me in the celebration of your panic.

WHAT ?!?!?!

You don’t want me here?
Then why invite me?
I only come RSVP.
I never never ever come Uninvited.
For I am Fear;
And I have to be Let In!


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