I Can Never Let You Go. (For Roj, Bird and Maas Arthur)

No you didn’t make it 

To Today,

But you were right here yesterday;

So it is with heavy heart that 

I say… 

I can never let you go!
Though sometimes it’s hard 

To remember 

Your Birthday from 

January to December, 

Your memory is an 

Ever-lit ember;

I will never let you go!
I recall fights 

And minor transgressions, 

And Parties and Dances

And Sessions, 

Oh, how camaraderie 

Leaves lasting Impressions!

How could I ever let you go? 
I think of you oftentimes: 

Then I think of you naught. 

I think of what could have been:

What was meant to be, 

And what was not.
I give thanks for the memories 

For therein you dwell;

With places and faces, 

Things triggered by smell. 

I’ll keep keeping on, 

Until that last bell. 

Til then: 

I’ll never let you go.


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