Shades of My Youth

Music is now being blamed for the myriad woes and crimes in Jamaican society.

 Imagine that! 

A society so disconnected from the plight of the Poor and their Children, and so enchanted by the allure of the rich and their self-serving, egomaniacal capitalism, so lazy to untether themselves from the leashes of their handlers, YOU ROBOTS now seek to lay blame on the RESULTS OF THE DISEASE and refuse to engage the powers-that-be to FIGHT THE VIRUS CAUSING THE DISEASE! 

Many of you only ‘dance’ to music, and many others have an ‘inkling’ how music is created because of Google and the internet.

 Now hear from one born into music, christened in music, bathed in music and living music.

“Singers share what they live, what they see in everyday life.”

They don’t produce the situation then write about it, they are a product of the situation.

I urge you daily to put politics and its affiliations aside and THINK FOR YOUR COUNTRY. 

When I was young, Bob Marley was an insurrectionist. So too Culture, Brigadier Jerry, Burning Spear and Peter Tosh. The same people who fought them then are eschewing their greatness now.


Bob would turn in his grave if he could hear his songs being played at your parties and rallies. 

Fire fi oonu BBC!

‘Low di Yutes and their music and tell oonu politicians and dem friends fi stop thief the country money and spend it how it fi spend. Tell the media fi put di fire pon dem daily.

Stop the selfish living and bless up humanity in EVERY form and facet. Engender the rich to help the poor.

And, remember this,

“The body can’t do nuttn weh di head no order!”


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