Saturday Mornings 

Oh Saturday Mornings!

A Time of great adventures,

Of Blue Elephants and Pink Giraffes;

Of Undersea capers with sponges, 

Crabs and squids;

Of Girls with puffs 

Who take no stuff;

Of wondrous things in backpacks

And Hills and vales and mazes;

Of weird and colorful animals

Unlocking vaults with ‘Open Sesame’!

Of Caped Crusaders

And Justice’s Avengers;

Where good morals are valued

And tales have happy endings;

Of fighting Pandas and cowardly

Great Danes;

Of chipmunks, ducks and funny rabbits;

With Ben who is 10 and little ponies;

Of magical beings from the land of the castle;

Where kids are enthralled while you complete assignments or catch extra zzzs.

Don’t you just love Saturday Mornings?


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