There can be no long-term plan put in place by any Government without the cooperation of their Opposition, for, if and when that Opposition becomes Government, that plan will be put to pasture. 

                               Here in Jamaica, with no such cooperation anywhere in sight, each Government must then put their best short-term plans to work as quickly as possible in the hope that it gains traction with the electorate and the Political commentators. Herein lies the rub. 

        Whatever plan is put in place is immediately rejected by a third of the electorate, and a third of the commentators, these being pro-opposition. Another third of both segments think the plan is the “best thing since sliced bread”.

                                   It means, therefore, that the solution to this conundrum lies with that Final Third of the electorate and the commentators, those unaffiliated to either party, or the “Neutrals”, as they are called.

                                                     For our country to move forward, we must have more neutrals. We need more people that will put Jamaica first, and not their party, whichever it may be. A way must be found to defeat voter apathy, to engage the gears of patriotism and induce the sense of civic awareness and pride that is sorely needed to right this floundering ship.

                                                    This needs to be done quickly, as a Country such as ours, mired in debt caused by decades of suicidal pork-barrel spending, cannot afford to go forward in the short-term without any long-term plans.


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