Yes I !

Whom do I Glorify?

Whom should I Glorify? 

The Soldier in battle, or those that sent him to die?

Semper fi!

Who should be indemnified? 

Can the Soldier ask the General 

“Who lied?”

“Just follow your orders, Private,

As did I!”

With whom do I Solidify? 

With whom should I Solidify? 

The Ones who’ve been wronged, 

Those seeking their rights,

Or those saying “Bygones!”

From their homes in the Heights.

Who I?


With whom do I Identify? 

With whom should I Identify? 

The man that says

“Pick up your weapon, let’s fight!”

Or he that says “Reckon!

Tonight’s not the night!”

 Aye Aye!

Whom do I Gratify? 

With whom should I be Gratified? 

Those that taught 

Colombus was first,

Or they that proved

That bubble to burst

Who I?

Who can I exemplify? 

Mama, who raised me to never tell lies, 

Or Father, who said I must always be wise,

Or the Bredren that say

“Something is not right!”

My My!
My Heart’s full of tears

But none for my eyes

My Brain’s filled with fears

But none for my cries

No hope for my ears

Because of the lies

Our destiny nears

Our calling is nigh.

With the words of King Selassie I, 

I am Glorified. 

The Peoples of Africa shall be


With Them am I Solidified. 

With Peoples of Colour,  I am Identified.

For the Life to which Jah has led me, I am Gratified 

In the words that I’ve written, 

And the fight I’ve been given,

I’ll be exemplified. 



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