Is Your Workplace Napficient?

​ It’s a given that well-rested people are  healthier and happier than those who aren’t. Ergo, healthier and happier people make better decisions. Better decision-making leads to greater productivity which  leads to a better bottom line which leads to….Aaah, you get the picture.  

                    But, those well-rested, healthier, happier people MUST ALSO be the wealthier people, because us working stiffs have to get up, get the kids to school AND commute to work, THEN, do it ALL  in reverse come the evening. 


So, what if we could catch some Zzzs on the job ( I mean WITH the boss’s permission)?  Wouldn’t we be more rested,  more alert, more able to make better decisions leading to more productivity,  improving our companies’ bottom lines, getting us raises and empowering us to join the ranks of the well-rested, healthier and happier people?

THAT’S why workplaces should have Mandatory Nap Times, so employees can take ‘power naps’ (or not, but  power down they must!), recharge their systems, and return to work refreshed, renewed and invigorated to make better decisions that lead to greater productivity and  improved bottom lines and have healthier,  happier lives that…..Aaah! You get the picture! 


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