Ya Man, No Problem Man!

Do you live in a Country where : –

The ONLY sure thing is that at the end of the day there’ll be MORE POOR people than there were in the morning?

Everyone wants progress yet no one is willing to cooperate and/or share?

What a third of the citizenry sees as progress is greeted with cynicism by half the rest?

To agree with your political opponent is tantamount to treason within your ranks?

The Apathy of the citizenry is outdone only by the uncooperativeness of their governors?

The love of mothers is professed profusely yet the abuse of Women and Girls runs rampant and every argument begins and ends with “go suck you ma”?

The entire populace believes that every “diss” by a “bwoy” or “gyal” means “dem fi dead”? 

That same populace wonders how and why the crime rate is so high?

Upon observing all of the above the young Literatti think the best way forward is to migrate?

You do live in such a country?

Ohhh, yaa Jamaican! Cho! And yu have mi a gwan and a gwan so long? Yu nuh shoulda tell mi long time mek mi get to the point Iya!

Bless up Yuself and Big up Yuself caa Life roun’ here nuh easy none’tall, seen?

An’, if you survive dem ya PRESSURE ya an‘ reach so far an‘ still deh ya  


(Translation – Ohhh, you are Jamaican?Pschaud! And you have me going on and on? Why didn’t you tell me so I could get straight to the point? Be Blessed and be proud of yourself because Life is EXTREMELY hard here in Jamaica, right? And, if you’ve survived the pressure here AND you’ve reached this far AND you’re still here, 



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