The (Infinitesimally Boring) Challenge of Writing an Article on Infinity (or The Top 10 Things With Infinite Potential)

When I saw that the word infinite was the prompt, my first reaction was…Booooring!
See, I was once in a Study group where we would say words alphabetically then make up stories, poems, lyrics or jokes with the word (Yes, totally akin to The Prompt). INFINITE had come up and it basically had everyone stumped, with variegated mumblings about Mathematical theorems and Physics principles but no-one could come up with a storyline longer than a paragraph with the word (I vaguely remember dozing off trying to figure out a way to cross over INFINITE from Quantum Physics into the realm of story-telling).
The most interesting discussion centered around some quote of Albert Einstein’s about mankind’s stupidity being infinite to which most agreed (I guess because we all had some experience in the said field).
So it was with some trepidation that I took up the challenge, but I told myself that I’m a lot older now, and, hopefully, a lot wiser and smarter, or, at the very least, certainly not as dumb as I was then (coupled with the fact that I’d been having some trouble sleeping and my recollection of that nap back then was becoming vividly comforting ).
You see, the word INFINITE is a HUGE word in the context of ‘normal’ Life, where nothing lasts forever, everything runs at 78 rpms (or whatever bit-rate qualifies as fast), the fastest is the best and everyone wants everything NOW. Where if you wait for anything longer than 5 minutes, it’s taking an ETERNITY ( 1st cousin to infinity).
So you see how INFINITE with it’s never-ending possibilities and mind-boggling calculations would not be in anyone’s Top Ten list of discussions to have on ANY Level because, after all, our lives are too short to waste time having discussions on such trivialities (a word definitely on the other side of the Spectrum from INFINITE, and definitely the only time in your lifetime you’ll hear it used to describe INFINITE ).
So, to debunk this school of thought I’ve taken it upon my shoulders to bring glamour (Again, another word you’ll never see in a sentence with INFINITE ever again) to the word and make a Top Ten List of things that are, or have the potential to be, INFINITE.
1) Music – Whilst musical notes, lyrics and genres are FINITE, the variations of emotional expressions across all fields are INFINITE, especially when dealing with man’s love of the fairer sex (or the love of the SEX itself), or the reality-driven Folk, Country, Culture and Socio-Political Artistes with their myriad words of advice ranging from general life hacks to downright revolution. So even if it is quantized today, there’ll be another record released tomorrow and another future Artiste born tomorrow and so on and so forth.
2) Political Corruption – The only time Politicians show sheer genius is when coming up with ways to misuse and abuse Public Funds, aka Our Tax Dollars. This very Topic is so painful and so prevalent I’ll not expand on it as, I’m sure: We all get the picture.
3) Sand – Enough said
4) Wishes – While Yours and My wishes are finite, those of Mankind over time are certainly INFINITE.
5) Research – Medical, Mathematical, Academical, Geographical, Musical, Physics etc etc etc which brings us to
6) Search Engine Data – Again, Enough said. And then
7) Wikipedia Data – Yet again; Enough Already
8) Things The Human Brain is capable of – Where do I start?
9) Psychological Reasons causing aberrant behaviour in Man and
10) Psychological Reasons causing Women to do the things they do (and don’t).
So, there you have it. A view from the Lighter side which I do hope you enjoyed, or, if it put you to sleep, please revisit it freely as I’m happy to have helped in whatever capacity I could.
(And waddayaknow, I’m WIDE AWAKE, so this Article didn’t help me one bit!)


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