The Constant is You

Of all the people you will know in Your Lifetime,
YOU are the ONLY ONE you can not leave;
To the Questions in your life,
YOU are the ONLY answer;
To the problems in your life,
YOU are the ONLY Solution!

It is imperative, therefore, to
KNOW Yourself !!!

Avail yourself of every opportunity for self-improvement. Be your own fairest critic. Be level-headed, well-read and well-informed so you can make good decisions.

Remain Positive at all times. Dash negative thoughts immediately. IMMEDIATELY! Identity negative behaviour and restrict them until they are no more, until they become afterthoughts. Make thinking and being positive second nature, as instinctive as breathing. Let Positivity rule your psyche.

“Get positive. Remain positive. Repeat as necessary. Repeat till satisfied.” Let these words be the instructions on the label of your Soul.

After all, to lose yourself is no viable option, neither for you nor those who depend on you.


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