I tried to float, but I couldn’t. I kept shaking my head to clear the clouds & cobwebs but they persisted, along with the throbbing pain that kept time with my pulse. Fight, my brain told me, Fight. How? How? I felt my body going limp, my system slowly shutting down, seemingly peaceful thoughts floating around in my mind, as I sunk deeper & deeper into the darkness. Then, from somewhere within, something, someone screamed: Not now! Not now! A seemingly electric shock emanated from my subconscious, slowly clearing my head & steering me back to consciousness, to the reality of my situation. I suddenly felt heavy. You can’t float with weights, my instincts said. As my lungs screamed, I shook off my boots, dragging off my jeans and tearing off my shirt seemingly in one motion, and clawed my way upward to an ever brightening light that, hopefully, was the top of the lake. I burst from the depths, gasping for air. There, to my left, was an ice chest cover floating by. I lunged for it as if for life itself and, as I  climbed atop it, a sudden exhaustion overcame me and the pulsating pain in my head returned, signalling that I was ALIVE! Smiling, I allowed myself to float off to sleep, afloat on my big ice chest cover.   via Daily Prompt: Float


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