The Time is Now

  1. It’s Time to Mix your Ideas with the Mortar of Action, to set the Foundation they need in the Fertile soil of Reality. Be not frustrated whilst growing your seeds, but be mindful of what works and what doesn’t, discarding the latter and fine-tuning the former to get optimum results.

For, if not now, when? For inaction is the brother of destitution, family to the scoundrels poverty & self-loathing.
And, if not you, who? Who will work hardest to fulfill YOUR Vision? Me? Your Wife? Friends? Lucky is the man who can find one like mind on HIS journey, much less a team. It is on your shoulders, and yours alone, the destiny of your visions lay, so start working TODAY.

So start, as the trek begins with the first step, but pause to smell the roses, to enjoy loved ones & loved things, but linger not long, as Master Time will not be holding your hand on this journey. Do give it your best, if not your all; be not easily satisfied, or overly critical, but do. DO! ACT! NOW!


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